What is "Wakiyama Tea"?
(The) tea leaves can be picked and selected in only one tea garden in Fukuoka City.They are a local breed and the tea plant is over 70 years old.
The origin of Japanease Tea is told that, "Eisai Zenji",a monk ai Hakata Shoufukuji tenple first brought tea seeds from ancient China and plated them in Mt.Sefuriyama. Wakiyama area is told as one of the oldest districts of Japan's tea industry as well.
Where is "Wakiyama"?
It is an intermediate mountain area with a population of 1.5 million, located in southwestrem Fukuoka City.
At the hoot of Mt.Sefuriyama, elevation of 1054.6 meters, the land has a clean water source upstream from Muromi river.
Famers also harvest fine quality rice and vegetables in Wakiyama.
Who is the producer?
Wakiyama Agri Club, founded by local volunteers, mainly handle tea processing supported by the members of JA Fukuoka youth club at Wakiyama branch.
We hope that by knowing our tea, people get interested and make an actual visit to Wakiyama in the future.
*JA = Japan Agricultural Cooperatives
Currently, there are few people in charge of cultivating tea in the Wakiyama district of Fukuoka, and the amount being cultivated is also meager.
The lack of successors once caused production to stop, but local volunteers and the agricultural cooperative youth association worked together to maintain the neglected tea plantations with the aim of revitalizing the area, and production resumed in 2004. The Baba father and son are cultivating tea in Wakiyama district with the desire to "protect this tea!" (father: Yuji, son: Kohei)
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Wakiyama Tea
Wakiyama Tea(Sencha 100g)
RecommendLimited¥850(tax in)
We use tea leaves loaded in the only tea garden in Fukuoka City.(Limited 50 packs)
Wakiyama Tea
Wakiyama Tea(8g × Tea pack 10Package)
Recommend¥650(tax in)
We use tea leaves loaded in the only tea garden in Fukuoka City.
Sefuri Tea
Sefuri Tea(2.5g × Tea pack 5Package)
Black Tea¥500(tax in)
A tea produced using the second and third tea leaves from Wakiyama.(We accept reservation order from July 10th. Delivered from August.)
Tea from Wakiyama, the oldest tea producing area in Japan.